Medium-free holographic digital collectible terminal
Through 3D imaging, it can be directly operated, combined with specially produced 3D content, to showcase different IPs, suitable ...

·Model: YB05/YB03

· Interface support: USB, power supply

·Operating system: Android

· Memory: 2GB

·Processor: RK3568

· Power supply: Power supply

·Display: Single screen display

· Storage: 16GB

·WIFI: Support

· Device size: 196mm × 218mm/145mm × 125mm

Medium-free holographic Bluetooth intelligent speaker
Support environmental perception (user emotions, environmental sound and light, and weather), support voice and image feedback, an...

·Model: YB05

· Interface support: USB, WIFI, BT

·Battery: 2000mA

· Power supply: 5V

·Interaction method: Support gesture recognition (volume adjustment, audio and video switching, audio start stop)

·Feedback method: Perception of the environment (emotions, sound, light, and weather), supporting voice and image feedback

·Interaction module: sliding up and down; Sliding left and right; click

·Image source: 5-inch LCD 800cd/m ²

·Equipment size: 220 * 100 * 132mm